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The French Cold-Wave band Soror Dolorosa is back after their first full length recording (Blind Scenes released by Northern Silence – Beneath Grey Skies 2011) with their second album: No More Heroes (out in February 2013)

The year 2012 have been a touring and composing year, where the guys played all over Europe with Alcest and Les Discrets in February and with Heirs and A Dead Forest Index in September. The guitarist Emey had to leave the band for personal reasons and Nicolas Mons is now taking this position. A big part of the composition of the new album have been made by Emey, but his absence during the recording session of the summer 2012 implied that Franck Ligabue (Drums) performed all the guitars and so, composed new songs as well. All those changes and experiences leaded the band toward a more powerful and strong album, where the nostalgic feeling of Blind Scenes is almost gone…No More Heroes is a pure Cold-Goth Rock album where new crooner and late 70’ rock influences take place giving a new breath to the band.

In a glance to the Strangler’s No More Heroes’ album out in 1977, Soror Dolorosa gave this title to this release because of a certain detail appearing on the photo session Andy Julia (Vocals) made for the cover Art, where a badge with No More Heroes appears on an old leather jacket…

In Music, there are nothing made at random but only coincidences. Taking this title was the best way to describe their feeling and inspiration.